Class Skit

    It is a chance for the current class to show off to the community their imagination, their creativity, and above all, a chance to Lead.

    Each Leadership Pasco class is responsible for organizing a class skit to be performed at the graduation banquet. The skit should not exceed 8-10 minutes in length, be contiguous, and be performed on a stage or elevated platform. Skit Program Chairperson submits their plan of action for skit to the Class.

    Class skit can be a dramatized joke of a funny situation that your class experienced, usually with a zinger line at the end. Skits are short, quick and to the point. The skit is used to help our guests, Board of Directors, and Leadership Pasco Alumni gain a quick insight into your Classes experiences over the past nine months.

    • Keep skit simple and short (8-10) minutes
    • Skit is an icebreaker, it gets everyone smiling or laughing
    • Skit sets the mood for the graduation
    • Use simple props, scenery, costumes if any
    • Avoid long memorized dialogue
    • Pantomimes are great
    • Let every CLASS member participate
    • Use stage directions liberally-tell who goes where and does what
    • Be sure the Graduation audience can hear
    • A simple skit can be written around a joke, a punch line, or a song

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