Adult Leadership Pasco Program

Sessions and tours are held at various locations throughout Pasco County and surrounding counties. Each session is planned and coordinated by a team of Leadership Pasco alumni members. All activities of Leadership Pasco and the Leadership Pasco Alumni Organization are conducted by volunteer members.

Since 1990 we have worked to develop and inform leaders throughout East, Central and West Pasco. Leadership Pasco’s mission has been and continues to be to one where we identify and recruit current or potential leaders of Pasco County Florida.

Our successful record for offering an issues-oriented team learning environment for those leaders and a commitment to offer a program that encourages a free exchange of ideas has built enthusiasm for participating in our program.

With over 600 satisfied graduates, we believe that we have successfully constructed a framework for the development and interaction of those leaders.

Selection Criteria

  • Live or work in Pasco County,
  • Have the commitment and motivation to utilize their leadership abilities for the long-term benefit of Pasco County,
  • Have full support of the organization, corporation or company they represent,
  • Have a commitment to community diversity,
  • Have a desire and willingness to participate in key volunteer and/or appointed leadership roles related to important issues facing the community,
  • Have a commitment to play a personal role in helping to shape Pasco County’s future.

Attendance and Travel Requirements

  • Class meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from September through May
  • All-day sessions are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m
  • Attendance at the 2-day opening session is required. Participants may miss no more than two days (or 16 hours) of the scheduled seminars, as all plans and reservations are made on the basis of 100% attendance. Those who miss more than 16 hours of seminar time will not graduate with classmates. Tuition fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to make this commitment, it is not in your best interest to apply at this time.


The Leadership Pasco Program cost per participant is $1,000.
This amount is payable by August 1st. If payment is not received, the participant may be asked to withdraw. The fee covers the course materials, SIMSOC book, cost of meals, some transportation and facilities and speakers related to the seminars. The tuition paid for the Leadership Pasco Program may be tax deductible as a business expense; consult your tax advisor.

Cancellation & Transfer Policy

The cost of the Adult Leadership Pasco Program is non-refundable.

The funds will be applied to enrollment in future Leadership Pasco programs. The program fee is transferable, pending the approval of the Recruiting Chair, Recruiting Committee and Board of Directors. The transfer is subject to the acceptance and the decisions of the committee. If transfer is not accepted, the funds will be applied to enrollment in future Leadership Pasco programs.


Partial scholarship tuition may be available for non-profit organizations

. If a scholarship is needed, the participant should indicate so on the application form.

If a scholarship is awarded, in exchange for that award the participant is asked to pick up additional Current Class duties such as historian, photographer, newsletter liaison, correspondent, or website liaison.

Important Dates

  • Deadline to submit applications for next years Class is June 1st.
  • All applications will be reviewed by Recruitment Committee in mid-June.
  • Next years Class members will be contacted by end of July.
  • Tuition Payments are due by August 1st.


Leadership Pasco enjoys the financial sponsorship from numerous businesses and organizations throughout the County. This financial and in-kind support is an invaluable contribution to the success of our program, and participants are encouraged to express their appreciation.

If you are interested in making a commitment to Leadership Pasco and are interested in supporting the mission of Leadership Pasco and want to take financial role in a sponsoring us to help us offset the costs of each program day, click here SPONSOR NOW

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