Youth Leadership Pasco Program

The Youth Leadership Pasco program scheduled to start in October, 2020 is being  cancelled due to the pandemic.  We look forward to offering the program again in 2021.

Mission Statement

Youth Leadership Pasco is a leadership development program that informs, motivates, and increases the awareness of selected high school aged students through issue-oriented seminars and interaction with community leaders.


Student applicant must return a completed application form to be considered for the program.

Application Form *
Form 166- Parent Release Form *
Form 167 - Private Vehicle / Insurance Information Form *

* (Deadline September 9, 2019)

Program Goals & Objectives

Our successful record for offering an issues-oriented team learning environment for high school students and a commitment to offer a program that encourages a free exchange of ideas has built student enthusiasm for participating in our program.
  • Identify youth who have leadership potential.
  • Develop leadership skills in youth.
  • Foster an awareness of community resources and volunteer opportunities.
  • Promote participation in community service.
  • Establish a life-long commitment to the role and responsibility of community citizenship.
  • Promote a greater understanding of contemporary issues through interaction and problem solving with peers and community leaders.
  • Students in the program have found improved achievement in high school and beyond.
  • Develop pride in the communities in which they live, which will strengthen a life-long bond in Pasco County and Florida.
  • Maximum class size is thirty-five students.
Youth sessions and tours are held at various locations throughout Pasco County and surrounding counties. Each Youth session is planned and coordinated by a team of Leadership Pasco alumni members and liaisons from The District of Pasco County Schools. All activities of Youth Leadership Pasco are conducted by volunteer members.

2020 Program Schedule

Download a copy of the Application Form above which includes the schedule.

Attendance and Travel Requirements

  • Class meets once a month from October through March
  • Sessions are from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. but may end earlier
  • To successfully complete the Youth Leadership Pasco program, a participant MUST attend the Orientation and Opening Session and miss no more than (one) of the remaining (four) days

YLP High School Student Selection Criteria

  • Completed applications for Class of 2019 must be received by September 9 2019,
  • Student must possess an excellent school attendance record,
  • Students are invited from all of Pasco County public high schools, private schools, or they may be home schooled.
  • Student must attend school in Pasco County Florida,
  • The class is made up of juniors and a few sophomores. Juniors normally receive preference,
  • Students do need to provide their own transportation,
  • Attendance to every class is expected,
  • Students are expected to make up all missed assignments from school,
  • Students will receive an SRA (School Related Absence) for time missed from school,
  • Normally, principals, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, Career Specialists, community members refer students to the Chair and Co-Chair.
  • Have full support of their High School Principal which they represent,
  • Have a desire and willingness to participate in volunteering in the community,
  • Have a commitment to play a personal role in helping to shape Pasco County’s future.


The cost of the Youth Leadership Pasco Program is $35 per student

Payment is due by October 2, 2019 if the student is accepted into the program. If payment is not received, student may be asked to withdraw. Financial assistance is available; please include a letter with the application requesting the need for a fee waiver. Contact YOUTH LEADERSHIP PASCO, Barbara De Simone, Co-Chair (727) 480-2690 or Rob Aguis, Co-Chair (727) 774-1701 with any questions.


Leadership Pasco enjoys the financial sponsorship from numerous individuals, non-profits, businesses and organizations throughout the County. This financial and in-kind support is an invaluable contribution to the success of our Youth program.

If you are interested in making a commitment to Youth Leadership Pasco and are interested in supporting the mission of Youth Leadership Pasco by sponsoring us to help offset the costs of each program day, click here SPONSOR NOW

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