Judith Rochelle Award

Award Criteria

Leadership – ability to motivate and inspire others to action throughout East, Central and West Pasco County to accomplish our mission; to train and unite leaders.

Initiative – fosters an awareness of our community resources and demonstrates an ability to lead by recruiting new candidates, promoting participation in community service to Pasco County. Has a life-long bond and personal commitment to see Pasco County grow and prosper.

Creativity – promote a greater understanding of issues through interaction and problem solving with peers and community leaders.

Dedication – is recognized by others for being dedicated to Leadership Pasco, Alumni and Youth Leadership Pasco. Accomplishes much within the community by his or her pursuit, courage, enthusiasm, and passion.

Recognition - recognized by their peers for their commitment to the success of Leadership Pasco.
A minimum of five years serving Leadership Pasco.

Nomination Procedures

Leadership Pasco alumni are eligible to receive this award. Alumni in good standing may nominate other alumni for this award. Self-nominations will not be considered.

After a nomination form has been received, Board of Directors will meet and review each application to review the information that qualifies them to be nominated for this award. Board of Directors will grant one Community Leadership Award annually.


2018 Tina Shelton
2017 Heather Grimes
2016 Tom Celotto
2015 Bob Memoli
2014 Craig Laporte
2013 Rob Aguis
2012 Evie Parks
2011 Chuck Hollweg
2010 Jill Corriveau
2009 Stone & Parker CPA
2008 Barbara De Simone
2007 Jerry Sterner
2006 Michele Baker
2005 Kurt Conover
2004 Jennifer Smith
2003 Chuck Bellerose
2002 Kurt Browning
2001 Harold Sample

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